Kenosha County; City Agree to Health Dept. Funding Deal; Highway Transfer

KENOSHA, WI (WLIP)–Kenosha County and City have come to an intergovernmental agreement (L.1.AG_CTH_K_and_Health_Dept_Final_040122) that allows the city to sunset its contract with the Health Department.

The city will fade down its payments to the department over the next seven years from $700,000 next year to just $100,000 in 2029 before the deal is terminated.

In exchange the city will take over certain roads currently under the county’s purview.

17th District Alderman David Bogdala told WLIP’s Wake Up Kenosha that after years of negotiations the deal finally came together earlier this week.

The city will take over Highway K west of Highway 31 to 128th Avenue, which will be expanded to a four lane road.

The city will also expand jurisdiction over Highway H from Highway 158 north to Highway S. Those transfers will not happen until 2035.