Kenosha Reports Another Recent Spike In Overdose Deaths

KENOSHA, WI (WLIP)–Three overdose deaths have been reported in Kenosha in recent days.

That’s according to Kenosha County Medical Examiner Patrice Hall who says that it’s a sad reminder of the use of illegal drugs and counterfeit medications.

Many are being spiked with fentanyl, which is a powerful synthetic opioid.

Hall also said that the deaths all occurred east of I-94.

According to a press release, it is not yet known whether they involved fentanyl.

Hall said its prevalence continues to be a cause of many deaths locally and nationwide.

Drug test strips are available from Kenosha County Public Health and other providers to detect the presence of fentanyl, and the overdose reversing medication Narcan is available as well.