KUSD Board Approves Plan For Lakeview Tech Move to KIN Development

KENOSHA, WI (WLIP)–One of the anchor developments in the proposed Kenosha Innovation Neighborhood took a major step forward this week.

The Kenosha Unified School Board approved a plan to move Lakeview Technology Academy to the former Chrysler Engine Plant site in the central part of the city.

The project would cost 18 million dollars. Board member Eric Meadows expressed concern about how the public might react to that price tag.

In point of fact, KUSD’s contribution to the new Lakeview will not exceed $1.3 million dollars and be based on sale on a property near Richard Bong State Park.

It will also be funded in part through other sources including $2.75 million dollars from the Kenosha Area Business Alliance Foundation, more than 4 million dollars from the city of Kenosha, and $1.5 million dollars from Gateway Technical College.

The New Lakeview Academy is projected to open in September 2024.

The board also approved a plan to return to traditional snow days during inclement weather.

The board moved away canceling learning days in the age of remote learning.

District officials cited concerns funding the purchase of laptops for students moving forward, as well as the general unpopularity of the new policy.