Latest Numbers: Kenosha Continues Positive Trend

KENOSHA, WI (WLIP)—Kenosha continued its positive trend of new cases of Covid-19 Thursday. The county reported just four new positives for a total of one thousand three hundred nineteen. The number of deaths stands at thirty-six.

The percentage of new positive cases is up five percent from last week. That means the percentage of new cases in the total number continues its drop from when it was near twenty percent just two weeks ago.

Still, twenty-six percent of new cases have been diagnosed in the past thirty days, while the recovered cases over that stretch is seventy-one percent. The death rate from the positive cases is three percent.

Wisconsin is approaching the twenty-two-thousand positive case mark with six hundred eighty two deaths.

Kenosha County is still only meeting two of the six kickstart reopening criteria.