Listen: Michael Bell Seeks Release of Bullet That Killed His Son

The father of a Kenosha man shot and killed by police in 2004 is continuing his crusade against local officials.

Michael Bell is seeking the release of the bullet that killed his son Michael Jr to see if it matches an alleged bullet impact location at the shooting scene.

If so, Bell feels that would contradict officers’ statements about the incident.

He told WLIP’s Lenny Palmer that the bullet is currently in the custody of Joint Services and that both city officials and the Kenosha County District Attorney have refused to release it.

Bell has tried any number of angles to get a new investigation into his son’s death-which was deemed justified by an internal department investigation.

He says he knows the bullet might not match the apparent bullet impact location at the scene.

Bell has also called on members of the Common Council to call for the bullet to be released as well as asking the courts to do so.

Those attempts have not been successful so far.

Listen to the full interview: