PLEASANT PRAIRIE, WI—Pleasant Prairie officials have released the official timeline in the shooting death of 19 year old Kahlid Alchaar.

Reports show that the initial reports of a shooting came in at 8:46 PM Monday night when the first officers were dispatched to Cheddar’s restaurant.

The first officer arrived on the scene at 8:49 PM.First responders were also sent to stage at Froedtert South by 8:52 PM. About 8 minutes after the initial call, a Kenosha County Sheriff’s Deputy located the victim.

Four minutes later, paramedics were able to get to the victim and begin life saving measures. They left the scene at 9:05 and arrived at the hospital at 9:08 PM.

Alchaar’s family has criticized the amount of time it took to get medical help to the scene in media reports.

The event times are as follows:

20:46:30 Pleasant Prairie Police Department (PPPD) Dispatch was advised of the medical call for gunshot wound (GSW).
20:46:53 PPPD dispatched to Cheddar’s.
20:47:37 Kenosha County dispatched Pleasant Prairie Fire & Rescue (PPFD) Station 2 to Cheddar’s for GSW.
20:48:54 PPFD en route to Cheddar’s.
20:49:23 First Kenosha Police Department arrived at Cheddar’s.
20:49:29 Pleasant Prairie Dispatch advised PPFD to stage in area. PPFD advised where they are staging.
20:50:05          Information received and relayed by Pleasant Prairie Dispatch that suspect possibly on west
side of Cheddar’s in woods. Victim stumbled towards U.S. Cellular holding stomach.
20:50:23 First Kenosha Sheriff’s Department unit arrived at Cheddar’s.
20:52:07 PPFD units staged near Froedtert South Hospital.
20:52:28 First PPPD unit arrived at Cheddar’s.
20:53:26         PPPD units still searching to locate victim.
20:54:22 Kenosha Sheriff’s Department Deputy located victim.
20:55:27         Pleasant Prairie Dispatch advised PPPD units that PPFD is staged.
20:56:10 PPPD unit advised he is with the victim.
20:57:44 PPPD unit requested PPFD to come to the scene.
20:58:15 PPFD enter the scene.
20:59:35 PPFD exit the scene with patient.
21:05:40 PPFD transport patient.
21:08:37 PPFD arrive at Froedtert South Hospital.

This is an active and ongoing police investigation, and anyone with information about this case is asked to contact the Pleasant Prairie Police Department at 262-694-7353 or Kenosha Area Crime Stoppers at 800-807-8477. Calls to Crime Stoppers that lead to an arrest earn up to $1,000 and you can remain anonymous.