Twin Lakes Woman Facing More Charges After January Arrest in Waukegan

(Waukegan, IL) A Kenosha County woman already facing a multitude of charges from an incident in Waukegan last month, is facing more trouble. April Reins faces 10 felony charges after allegedly driving a stolen vehicle under the influence of multiple drugs back on January 27th, and hitting a police officer in the process. Lake County Sheriff’s Deputy Chief Christoper Covelli says Reins picked up a new charge earlier this month, after she attempted to escape from custody, while hospitalized for an alleged “medical event.” The 27-year-old Twin Lakes woman was hit with a new charge of resisting a correctional officer. She’s being held on pre-trial detention, and is due in court for all charges on the 29th.

Tim Vander Tuuk, WLIP News (2-13-24)