WLIP K-Town Rewind 6/14/19

A 27 year old Kenosha man was arrested in Racine County Saturday afternoon after allegedly hitting a Kenosha County Sheriff Squad Car and then leading authorities on a high speed chase. The incident was first reported shortly after 3:30 PM. The man reportedly led officers on a chase northbound on Green Bay Road which exceeded speeds of 130 miles per hour. Later, the suspect led Mt Pleasant squads on a chase up to 75 miles per hour as he turned west on Highway 20 from Highway 31. As the chase approached 90th street, the suspect, identified as Alejandro Gonzalez, turned north to avoid stop sticks that were being set up in the road. He eventually came to a stop on the dead end road on Shady Oaks Trail. Police reports allege that Gonzalez failed field sobriety tests at the scene and now faces several charges including fleeing and eluding, OWI, and recklessly endangering safety.

A second detainee has come down with the mumps at the Kenosha County Detention Center. Officials reported Friday that the detainee was held in isolation after the disease was identified. The person is undergoing medical care. Both employees and other inmates and detainees have received the appropriate vaccines if they are thought to have come into contact with infected persons, an effort which is being coordinated by the Kenosha County Division of Health. The first detainee to come down with the disease last week was held in isolation as well as any other detainee that may have come in contact with that person.

A Wisconsin judge has affirmed the decision of the state DNR to allocate 7 million gallons of water to Mt Pleasant each day. Much of that amount will go to Foxconn. The electronics giant expected to use more than 5 million gallons per day, which will be used from Lake Michigan and then returned via the Racine Water Utility. Advocates challenged the plans last year saying that the water diversion-outside of Lake Michigan’s Water Basin-should not be allowed. The Racine Journal Times reports that last week a judge disagreed, saying that businesses benefit the public and should enjoy the same benefits as someone who would use the water for a non economic purpose. He also ruled that Foxconn being outside the Great Lakes basin is not an obstacle because the diversion is still for public supply services by the Racine Water Utility.

Environmental advocates say they will continue to fight water allocation for Foxconn. That despite a Wisconsin Administrative judge’s ruling in favor Friday of the DNR’s decision to allow over 7 million gallons of water be drawn from Lake Michigan each day, much of which will go to the electronics giant. The Racine Journal Times reports that Midwest Environmental Advocates issued a response Tuesday vowing “…to explore further legal options in this matter.” They also restated their opposition to the judge’s decision. They argue that the diversion violates the Great Lakes Water Compact’s prohibition of taking water out of the Great Lakes Water Basin unless it’s for public water supply purposes. The judge ruled that Foxconn has the right to benefit from the public water supply because they in turn offer a benefit to the public.

Changes are coming to the visitation process at Kenosha County’s Detention facilities. The Sheriff’s Department has announced that it will implement video visitation-allowing for what authorities call a more convenient way for loved ones and others to visit with inmates. Once registered, people will be able to utilize either on site or off site visits by scheduling them either at the facility or via a mobile app. Each visit will last 25 minutes. Off site visits will cost 4 dollars for a ten minute visit and 10 dollars for the full 25. The system will be implemented at the Kenosha County Detention Center on June 19th and at the Pre-trial Facility a day later. The sheriff’s department has contracted with Global Tel Link for the equipment and service.

A Kenosha man faces charges for allegedly striking a woman with his car on purpose. The incident happened near 61st Street and 22nd avenue. According to police reports, the woman said that 18 year old Jayln Jenkins threatened her on social media before following her as she was driving. The criminal complaint alleges that as the 21 year old got out of her car Jenkins allegedly struck her and then drove away. She suffered non life threatening injuries in the crash. Jenkins was charged yesterday with hit and run, disorderly conduct and reckless driving causing injury. Jenkins denied involvement in the case and was released on bond.