2024 Spring Election Turnout Lags Behind 2023 Despite Important Races

Kenosha, WI (WLIP)–Turnout for Tuesday’s Spring General Election lagged behind the voter turnout from a year ago.

In Kenosha County 37% of voters headed to the polls to cast ballots.

The lone county-wide race was for Kenosha County Circuit Court Judge Branch 3, which saw Heather Iverson defeat Frank Gagliardi.

In the city of Kenosha turnout was slightly higher at 39%.

The city had more races on the ballot-including David Bogdala defeating Lydia Spottswood for Kenosha Mayor.

There was also Wisconsin’s Presidential Primary.

In 2023 county-wide voter turnout was more than 44%-the highest April voter turnout has been in Kenosha this decade.

In 2022 the spring turnout was 31% and only 23% in 2021.

41% of voters participated in the April election in 2020.