79 Inmates in Kenosha Test Positive; More Large Scale Testing Possible

KENOSHA, WI (WLIP)—79 inmates at the Kenosha County Detention Center and Intake facility have tested positive for COVID-19. All 420 inmates and 250 employees were tested for the virus on Tuesday. 5 employees tested positive as well. The tests were administered by the Wisconsin National Guard and were set up by the Kenosha County Department of Health. Kenosha County Sheriff David Beth told WLIP’s Happenings Q and A that they have wanted to test inmates for a long time.

The identified inmates have been placed in isolation and disease mitigation measures have been implemented. Law enforcement officials are working to keep the inmate count reduced, face to face meetings are not allowed, and new inmates are being housed in a different area. Inmates are also wearing masks, and corrections staff is wearing personal protective equipment.

The efforts at the detention facilities are examples of the kind of large scale testing officials want to use more often. Kenosha County Division of Health Director, Dr Jen Freiheit says that large scale testing in a single place is a way to help contain an outbreak.

Dr Freiheit says that the Wisconsin National Guard may be utilized to administer tests at other businesses in the county.