Former Lake County Man Denied Innocence Certificate in 2001 Overturned McHenry Murder Conviction

(Woodstock, IL) A former Park City man cleared of a McHenry County murder has been denied his ultimate goal. Kenneth Smith, who was three times convicted, all of which were eventually overturned…has been denied an innocence certificate. Smith was accused of shooting and killing Raul Briseno Sr. at his McHenry area restaurant in 2001, he was released from prison in 2021. The judge who denied the certificate said for it to be issued, Smith and his team needed to provide concrete evidence that proved he was not involved…instead he said they provided little evidence and a lot of speculation. Prosecutors and the family of the murder victim say they still believe that the 47-year-old was the killer.

Tim Vander Tuuk, WLIP News (12-22-23)