KENOSHA, WI (WLIP)–The Kenosha Unified School Board will make masks optional in classrooms starting late next month.

The change in the Better Together Plan takes effect at the start of the fourth quarter March 28th.

A measure that would have made the change effective immediately was voted down with only the measure’s sponsor-Todd Battle and Tony Garcia voting in favor.

Other board members cited the need to give parents more time to adjust to the change and to make sure the Covid-19 infection numbers continue to decline.

It also directs administration to survey parents on the issue and implement policies related to the change.

The district also continues to roll back some other restrictions such as allowing overnight field trips, loosening lunch time and visitor restrictions, and removing a 3% percent Covid-19 infection threshold to send a school to remote learning.

Other changes-such as the general use of lockers in some schools may not return until next school year-although they are available upon request.