KENOSHA, WI–Kenosha Unified’s portion of your property tax bill will decrease next year.

The school board voted 7-0 this week for a budget that lowers the tax levy by more than 1-point-3 percent. The 2020 levy will be 87 million 178-thousand 619 dollars, which is down more than 1-point-2 million dollars from this year.

Taxpayers will pay a rate of 8 dollars 59 cents per 1-thousand dollars of home value.

Despite the lower tax levy the district’s budget will still go up by 7-point-9 percent which will be paid for by a nearly 8 percent increase in the equalized value of KUSD. Much of the budget increase comes from the nearly 51 million dollars of debt service refinancing owed next year.

The district’s electors approved the maximum allowable tax levy last month.