(Gurnee, IL)  A 14-year-old boy is dead, and 5 Chicago teens have been charged in connection to that death.

Lake County Sheriff’s officials say the boy was shot as he and others advanced on a 75-year-old man, who intervened in an attempted vehicle theft on his Old Mill Creek property early Tuesday morning.

The man told authorities that he feared for his life and that one of the suspects was carrying an object of some sort…a knife was recovered at the scene.

Six subjects then approached Gurnee Police a short time later, as they investigated an unrelated traffic accident. The boy was transported to the hospital (where he died), and one subject was arrested.

The other 4 suspects then led police on a high-speed chase from Gurnee to Chicago in a stolen Lexus. All were apprehended.

The lone adult subject (identified as 18-year-old Diamond Davis), and 4 juvenile suspects (a 16-year-old male and three 17-year-old males) have all been charged with first-degree murder, because a member of their group was killed in the commission of a crime.

The 75-year-old shooter was a licensed gun owner, and though he may face some charges…they are not likely.