KENOSHA, WI (WLIP & AP)–The Kyle Rittenhouse trial is well in the past but some of the fallout surrounding it continues.

Bodycam footage of the network news producer being pulled over allegedly following the jury bus has been released.

James Morrison was cited after he ran a red light pursuing the bus. Morrison apparently told police that he had been told to follow the bus by his producer in New York.

The network-MSNBC-denied that any contact with jurors was intended. MSNBC was denied access to the courtroom for the duration of the trial. Morrison was briefly taken into custody but was soon released.

In an interview on a podcast Wednesday, Rittenhouse said that he would “destroy the gun” used in the shootings.

The AR-15 was allegedly purchased in northern Wisconsin by Dominic Black who testified against Rittenhouse at his trial. Rittenhouse was seen in different pictures and videos holding the weapon.

That revelation comes as Arizona State University students angered that Kyle Rittenhouse had been a fellow classmate and could enroll again were scheduled to hold a protest. The university says he is not a current student.