KENOSHA, WI–The first of four suspects to go on trial for the murder of a Wheatland man has been found guilty.

21 year old Markeith Wilson now faces life in prison when he’s sentenced. At the trial prosecutors established that Wilson was the first person through Joseph Riley’s door one night last November when he and three others attempted to rob him of money and drugs.

A gun fight broke out between the suspects and Riley. Wilson and another suspect were injured as was another person in the home. They all survived. Riley was fatally hit and died at the scene.

Another suspect in the case, Augustine Sanchez, testified for the prosecution and said that Wilson “went rogue” when he fired shots through the open door that night. The defense argued that Wilson did not fire any fatal shots towards Riley because he was injured early on in the confrontation.

They did not dispute the burglary charge. Wilson will be sentenced in January.