KENOSHA, WI (AP)—Days after the police shooting of Jacob Blake law enforcement authorities have left a host of questions unanswered — an approach that has not only fueled anger and speculation but runs counter to what an increasing number of American police forces are doing.

Many departments are promptly releasing accounts and video of police shootings, in part to fend off rumors and unrest.

In the Kenosha case, Investigators haven’t explained why police drew guns on Blake and why the officer opened fire.

We now know the names of the two other officers involved. Vincent Arenas has been with the Kenosha Police since early last year while Brittany Meronek joined the force earlier this year. DOJ also says that Blake was tased twice as officers attempted to arrest him.

They say a knife was found in the SUV, but they have said nothing about what role it may have played.

The Kenosha NAACP and LULAC held a press conference with the Rev. Jesse Jackson Thursday.

He says the shooting and killing of Black men by police needs to stop. Kenosha NAACP President Anthony Davis says protests must be more peaceful like the one Wednesday night.

Davis says they do not support the looting and destruction but want protests to be done in a loud but peaceful manner.