KENOSHA – Holiday trees may be dropped off inside the green snow-fenced enclosures at the locations listed below until January 31, 2019. Collected trees will be chipped and used as mulch in City parks. To prevent damage to chipping equipment, please remove all tree bags, ornaments, tree stands, nails, and other metal objects and place in trash receptacles provided at each bin. Disposal of other holiday greenery (wreaths, garland, etc) must be placed with your normal residential trash collection.

Holiday Tree Disposal Locations
1 Wolfenbuttel Park: 60th Street/3rd Avenue
2 Park area at Southwest Library: 38th Avenue/79th Street
3 Petretti Park: 19th Street/16th Avenue
4 Roosevelt Park: 68th Street/34th Avenue
5 Endee Park: Pershing Blvd/47th Street
6 Sunnyside Park: 81st Street/27th Avenue
7 Columbus Park: 54th Street/21st Avenue
8 Lincoln Park (Martin Luther King Drive): 70th Street/19th Avenue
9 Washington Park (Skateboard Area): 22nd Avenue South of Washington Road
10 Horizon’s Park: 6598 112th Avenue
11 Sunrise Park: 29th Place/50th Avenue (East of Intersection)
12 Clausen Park: 65th Street/87th Avenue (West Side of Park)
13 Forest Park Park (NOT the School): 47th Avenue/61st Street
14 Holiday Tree Bin by Nash Elementary School: 68th Street/96th Avenue
15 Strawberry Creek: 147th Avenue/72nd Street (East of the Golf Course Clubhouse)