Man Arrested On Domestic Violence Charges

Gurnee, IL (WLIP)–A man was arrested on domestic violence charges.

It happened In the late hours of April 26, at a home on Wembley Ct. in Gurnee.

The suspect is identified as 79-year-old Robert E Derham.

He had allegedly assaulted a female victim with a cane and was wielding a knife.

Despite law enforcement’s commands to de-escalate the situation, Derham reportedly prevented the female victim, a 59-year-old Gurnee resident,after she had sustained injuries and required urgent medical attention.

With attempts to de-escalate proving ineffective, officers forcibly entered the residence to rescue the victim and provide medical aid.

During the operation, Derham was swiftly taken into custody, albeit not without resistance.

A Gurnee officer sustained a minor injury in the process, necessitating immediate medical attention.

Both the officer and the female victim received the necessary medical care, although the victim declined transportation to the hospital.

As a consequence of the incident, Robert E Derham faces a slew of charges,

Henry Diaz, a 50-year-old Gurnee resident, was arrested on an outstanding but unrelated warrant.