KENOSHA, WI–There will be no special prosecutor in the Michael Bell case. A Racine County judge ruled yesterday that no new criminal charges could be filed from the evidence that was presented in the case.

In his ruling, Circuit Court Judge Timothy Boyle said that the conflicting statements of eyewitnesses from the night in 2004 when Michael Bell Jr was shot and killed by police, means that there is no potential for a second degree homicide charge as the elder Michael Bell claims.

Instead Boyle said that misconduct in public office charges could be possible against the officers if they lied, but the statute of limitations has run out on those charges.

The judge also noted that he is the latest in a long line of other officials who have declined to reopen an investigation in the case.

Bell Sr has long sought a new investigation after the initial inquiry was done internally by Kenosha Police and exonerated the officers involved.