On February 18, 2019 at 7:31 a.m., Pleasant Prairie Public Safety Communications received a call from a male party who stated he was at 85th Street and Green Bay Road, had just shot and killed a person, had two others hostages, and would kill any officers who arrived on the scene.

Pleasant Prairie squads immediately responded to the area and found nothing at 85th Street and Green bay Road. Squads then checked the nearby businesses, Caterpillar College in the 8400 block of Old Green Bay Road, and WLIP radio station in the 8500 Block of Green Bay Road. Both business initiated lock down procedures as a precaution. Officer also placed the Village of Pleasant Prairie Public Works building located in the 8600 block of Green Bay Road on lock down while officers checked the area.

Officers then conducted a house to house check with each of the homes located in the 8200 to 8700 blocks of Old Green Bay Road. Nothing of interest related to the original call was located during those checks. Pleasant Prairie Police continue to investigate this incident. Similar calls have taken place in jurisdictions across the county and the practice has been known as “swatting” due to the extensive police response these calls receive.

Anyone with further information on this investigation are encouraged to contact the Pleasant Prairie Police Department at 262.694.7353.