(Waukegan, IL)  The Lake County State’s Attorney has released a statement about an incident earlier this week that left a 14-year-old boy dead, and 5 of his friends with murder charges.

State’s Attorney Mike Nerheim says the teens were in Lake County in the early morning hours of Tuesday “with their sole intention to commit a series of residential and vehicle burglaries.”

The group reportedly attempted to steal a vehicle from an Old Mill Creek man’s property. That 75-year-old man ordered the group off his property, but when they advanced, he fired several shots, striking and eventually killing 14-year-old Jaquan Swopes.

According to Nerheim, the 5 other teens, ranging in age from 16 to 18, were all charged with Swopes murder because they were “solely” and “ultimately responsible for his death.”

The actual shooter is currently not facing any charges.