Thurs. Headlines: Another Day of Recounts; Woman Who Makes a Scene is Charged

KENOSHA, WI (WLIP)–It’s another day of Election recounts Thursday.

On Wednesday, a recount of the ballots of the Kenosha Common Council District 12 confirmed Ruth Dyson’s win over Eric Hansen 208-205.

Thursday, three Kenosha County Board races will undergo the process at the Kenosha County Center.

In District 8 Alyssa Williams has a slim two vote lead over incumbent Zach Rodriguez.

Then in District 9 John O’Day has an 818-809 lead over Daniel Nyberg.

In District 11 Zach Stock has the edge over Guida Brown 615-608.

An Illinois woman faces two felonies as well as several misdemeanors after a Tuesday incident in a store parking lot.

52 year old Karen Kline of Arlington Heights allegedly called 911 several times on Tuesday while at the Walmart parking lot in Somers.

When a Kenosha County Sheriff’s Deputy responded Kilne reportedly refused to cooperate with the officer and later with the paramedics she called to the scene.

While parked in front of the store she is said to have honked her horn, loudly played an anti-police song, and used abusive language toward the first responders.

She’s charged with calling in a False Emergency which is a felony and well as with possession of Narcotics, possession of THC, drug paraphernalia, as well as resisting an officer.

She’s being held on 3-thousand dollars cash bond and is due back in court next week.