KENOSHA, WI–A double homicide trial in the death of two brothers is underway. 26 year old Nathan Kivi is accused of shooting and killing brothers Richard and Kenneth Samuel in November 2017. Kivi’s defense claims he killed the two in self defense.

The incident happened outside of a Twin Lakes bar late on Thanksgiving night. A dispute broke out between the group with the two brothers and Kivi in which Kivi is alleged to have fired shots in the air while members of the group taunted him and told him to shoot. He then drove off but someone threw a projectile at his truck, shattering the back window.

At that point Kivi stopped the truck got out and fired, hitting and killing the brothers.

The defense claims that when Kivi exited the truck he saw two men coming towards him and he feared for his life which caused him to shoot.

The trial continues today.