UW Parkside Mulls Furloughs and Budget Cuts to Make Up Deficit

KENOSHA, WI (WLIP)–UW-Parkside is considering budget cuts and employee furloughs to offset a budget deficit.

The projected deficit is at four million dollars-a number that could increase.

The university told employees this week that critical jobs will be the only ones filled this budget cycle as the school tries to cut spending by 10 percent.

Furloughs will be used to trim staff as well as layoffs and retirement incentives.

UW-Parkside’s woes are part of a larger dilemma for the UW System as it has a total debt of more than 33 million dollars.

10 system schools are facing a budget deficit.

Parkside’s lower enrollment means that the school’s revenue is set to slightly decrease.

The school’s expenditures will be up by nearly 10 percent-the number now looking to be slashed.

Further action by the school to reach that goal may be forthcoming.