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KENOSHA, WI (WLIP)–Kenosha Unified continues to work out which schools will be closed later this year as the district deals with declining enrollment.

The district has partnered with David Demographics to help with the process.

A 10 year projection completed recently shows KUSD’s enrollment dropping by more than 3,100 students based on birth rates by 2033.

KUSD Chief Information Officer Kris Keckler told the board that the birth rate shows some signs of leveling off.

But in the meantime KUSD buildings are starting to become underutilized.

KUSD Superintendent Dr. Jeffery Weiss says that numbers are difficult to predict accurately more than 5 years out.

The district’s parameters for contracting the campuses include using existing buildings to 80% capacity and exploring options for consolidation such as the creation of K-8 schools.

Three public sessions are planned for next month to update the public and receive feedback.