Wisconsin showing upward Covid trend in long term care facilities

Wisconsin is seeing similar COVID-19 patterns in long-term care facilities compared to fall of last year. Advocates for the state’s older residents say vaccinations and booster shots can make a difference this time around.

A-A-R-P’s latest COVID Dashboard report for Wisconsin shows an upward trend in cases among nursing-home resident in recent weeks, with 20 deaths in the latest four-week period. Deaths resulting from COVID double the previous four weeks.

A-A-R-P Wisconsin’s Sam Wilson describes a sense of frustration, with some facilities still lagging in getting staff members vaccinated.

He says one hopeful note is that most residents have received their shots.   He says not only will it help to get more staff members vaccinated, but being diligent with booster shots for vulnerable populations should ensure fewer deaths.

The group is asking state leaders and community partners to move as quickly with booster shots as they did when vaccinations first came onboard.