WLIP K-Town Rewind 5/24/19

Kenosha Police were searching late into the night for a suspect who shot a man. The incident happened around 8:45 PM near the intersection of Highway 50 and 104th avenue. Scanner reports indicated that a 911 caller said the suspect fled the scene into the woods west of the area, causing a nearby restaurant and neighborhood to put on lockdown until investigators cleared the scene. The victim was rushed to the hospital but was apparently not breathing. Reports this morning indicated that the victim has died. By 11:30 last night a command unit was established and a drone was being deployed to try and locate the suspect. There’s also no description of the suspect. No other details have been released. We’ll have more information as it becomes available.

Pleasant Prairie officials have released the official timeline in the shooting death of 19 year old Kahlid Alchaar. Reports show that the initial reports of a shooting came in at 8:46 PM Monday night when the first officers were dispatched to Cheddar’s restaurant. The first officer arrived on the scene at 8:49 PM.First responders were also sent to stage at Froedtert South by 8:52 PM. About 8 minutes after the initial call, a Kenosha County Sheriff’s Deputy located the victim. Four minutes later, paramedics were able to get to the victim and begin life saving measures. They left the scene at 9:05 and arrived at the hospital at 9:08 PM. Alchaar’s family has criticized the amount of time it took to get medical help to the scene in media reports. You can read the entire timeline at our website at WLIP dot com.

One person is dead after a train vs car crash that happened yesterday afternoon. The incident happened just after 1 PM in the Village of Salem Lakes at a railroad crossing near 258th Avenue and the Canadian National Tracks. According to the Kenosha County Sheriff’s Department, the train was headed southbound when it collided with a vehicle passing north at a private crossing. The train was able to stop just north of Highway C. The driver of the vehicle died in the incident, which remains under investigation. Roads around the area were closed for several hours after the crash. There was no damage to the train or its contents.

Kenosha Police on the lookout for a suspect who assaulted a man inside a local business. The incident happened around 1:40 PM when a caller stated to authorities that a man with an ax and a shovel entered a business in the 59-hundred block of 35th avenue and assaulted an adult male employee with the ax. He suffered a laceration to his elbow but refused medical attention. The suspect is described as a 20 year old man, clean shaven, with curly dark hair, wearing jeans and a t-shirt. A search of the area-which included a soft lockdown of two schools-did not locate the suspect. Anyone with any information should contact Kenosha Police.

The Kenosha Common Council approved an ordinance change which will allow residents to place decorative items on the parkway in front of their homes. The ordinance’s sponsor, 3rd district Alderman Jan Michalski says that the proposal stems from residents in his district that wanted to put a bird bath on a tree stump in front of their home. He says that since maintaining the area is the residents responsibility they should be allowed to put whatever they want.

A Kenosha man was arrested in Mt Pleasant for drug possession and his 4th OWI. 55 year old Todd Gurtowski was pulled over at around 11 PM last night on Braun Road near Highway 31. He allegedly failed a field sobriety test and the search of his vehicle reportedly found a small amount of cocaine. In a separate case, a Waukegan man was arrested in Kenosha County after a short chase by Mt Pleasant Police just before 1:30 this morning. Police reports allege that 24 year old Denton Thomas was so high on marijuana when he was pulled over that he thought he was traveling from Waukegan to Kenosha, instead of coming from Mt Pleasant and heading south. An officer reportedly detected the smell of pot coming from his car. Both suspects now face several charges.